The MAG-TRANS® 2523 Series Level Transmitter is the next generation in Magnetostrictive Level Sensing Technology.

It contains a dual compartment enclosure attached to the piezomagnetic wave guide sensor. The output is reliable, repeatable, fast and accurate.


  • MT2523: Non-Invasive MAG-TRANS® Transmitter attached directly to the MAG-GAGE®/Bypass Chamber, with a variety of mounting options.
  • IT2523: Direct insertion into Tank/Vessel, or Bypass Chamber.


  • Dual Compartment Enclosure
  • Epoxy Coated: Copper Free Aluminum, optional ALL-316SS
  • Two Wire, Loop Powered 10-30 Vdc (24 Vdc Nominal)
  • Graphic Display: Inch, Metric, Percent, Scroll or Tile
  • HART-Protocol Field Communication
  • Local Programming Quick and Easy Setup
  • Top, Bottom, Left, or Right Mounting positions with optional Remote mounting
  • Process Temperatures: -50°F to +800°F
  • Process Pressures: Vacuum to 2000 PSIG
  • Class 1, DIV 1, GRP B, C, D

Graphic Display

  • Inch-Metric-Percent
  • Scroll-Tile
  • HART - Protocol
  • PACTware
  • Local Programming
  • Repeatable
  • Reliable
  • Variable Range

Choice of Material

  • Stainless Steel Enclosure Option
  • Alloy