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Indicators and Scales


1.Wide Flag®

  • Easy to read 1.40"
  • Wide-Flag (Visible from 200+ ft.)
  • Patented solid one piece ceramic magnetic flag
  • 180 degree rotation
  • Temperatures from -350°F to 1100°F
  • High contrast Yellow (liquid) and Black (vapor)
  • Other color combinations available

2.Wide Tracker®

  • Extra Large Rectangular Indicator
  • 1.40" Wide X 1.5 Long
  • Bright Yellow (other colors available)
  • Dual Magnetic Coupling

3.Available Enclosures

  • Anodized Aluminum or 316 Stainless Steel


Scale can be customized to any increments (ft./in., gallons, percent, metric, etc.) All scales are photo etched into Stainless Steel- No rusting, fading or stickers falling off. Large, easy to read markings that allow measurement to be taken from a safe distance.

Scales available in

  • Feet/Inch Standard
  • Metric
  • % Scale
  • 10ths Scale
  • Wide Acrylic Scale
  • Gallon Scale
  • +/- Scale
  • Inch only Scale